Tomorrow’s Men

Tomorrows Men

Our Vision

Our vision is to engage men of all ages in the local community promoting our Christian values of hard work, respect, discipline, having dreams and serving your local community; we intend to work with young boys at the grass roots level, providing them with positive role models, and examples of the types of men the community wants them and needs them to be.
We will also be engaging teenage boys and trying to encourage them to take on board and live by the values we stand for and believe in.  One of the many ways we plan to encourage our teenage boys is by gradually giving them responsibility, and individual roles in assisting Tomorrows Men in supporting the younger boys at the grass roots level, the added responsibility and accountability, will help to develop confidence, self worth and a good level of self esteem in our teenage boys.
As the group grows we will require more and more support from like minded men with a vision to see today’s boys grow into constructive community serving men of tomorrow.
Our vision is very holistic and involves developing and encouraging young boys, teenagers and men of all ages to do the right thing.
Tomorrows men will provide a specialist boys mentoring program helping young boys to stay on the right track and maintain healthy relationships with their parents, teachers, siblings and peers.

Our aim
Our aim is to assist young boys in achieving their potential in life, and to help them recognise the importance of working hard to achieve their dreams and to contribute in a positive manner to their local community and society in general.

Key Objectives


  1. Before Tomorrows Men can have a positive impact in any boy’s life we must first develop relationships and trust with all the boys we engage.
  2. We will provide a number of group sports activities and outings throughout the year
  3. We will provide one to one mentoring when deemed necessary, taking the boy for meals, to the cinemas, bowling and other social activities they wish to engage in.
  4. The boys will be given phone numbers to allow them to contact their mentor when they feel the need.


  1. Encouraging the boys to firstly respect themselves and recognise the valuable contribution they can make to society.
  2. Encouraging respect of their peers
  3. Encouraging respect for their parents and teachers, helping them to understand their teachers and parents have their best interest at heart.
  4. Encouraging the boys to view all types of authority in a positive manner


  1. Helping the boys to have dreams and goals for their future
  2. Many of the boys we engage will have no dreams
  3. Many of the boys we engage will have dreams of being professional athletes, or working in the music industry, we will try to help them to research and consider other career opportunities.
  4. Helping the boys to understand hard work, focus and determination are the keys to achieving their dreams.
  5. Giving the boys the opportunity to meet people who have achieved their dreams or their career goals.

Assisting single mothers/parents

  1. We view developing relationships with parents as a vital part of the mentoring process.
  2. Assisting and supporting mothers who would like their son’s to have a positive male role model in their lives
  3. Assisting with disciplining when appropriate and requested
  4. Helping to improve the communication between the young boys and their teachers and parents.


  1. Tomorrows men will try to encourage boys at the grass routes level who are not responding very well to conventional ways of being taught.
  2. We believe we all learn in different ways, and some of our boys are not doing well in the class room, not because they can not learn, but the traditional educational system has not yet found a successful way to teach them.
  3. In the future we plan to implement a group called Readings Cool, where boys can get together and read about topics and subjects they’re interested in with very little pressure, reading just for the fun of it.  Boys who read well, tend to want to read more, and we recognise strong readers, have a better chance of doing well in the education system.