Womens Mentoring Group

A Fresh Anointing (AFA), is a group of women on a journey to see the love of Christ spread through/ in our community and beyond. This ministry is facilitated by a group of women of varied ages, experiences and professional backgrounds such as mentors, teachers, nurses, and accountants.

The purpose of AFA is to meet the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of women and children through mentoring, counselling and practical/ hands on support. AFA will endeavour to build fellowship networks that elevate women as persons of worth and women as valued role models of Biblical truths to their family, work and community.

AFA exists for women with no exclusions of class, colour or creed. Whether experiencing bad times, harbouring insecurities, or trying to bring clarity to deeper rooted questions, or just wanting a friend, AFA, through the love and compassion of Christ, seeks/ aims/ aspire to bring value, joy and empowerment to lives.

We aim to love as God loved.